California Doctor and Son Charged with Federal Drug Trafficking

According to a DEA affidavit, California drug dealers have been receiving goods from an unusual father-son duo for a little over a year. Following a long investigation by multiple agencies, Cameron Larsen and his father Doctor Andrew Larson have been named in a complaint claiming that both Larsens violated federal drug trafficking laws. Doctor Andrew Larsen is being accused of using his medical license to distribute prescription pain pills and Marijuana to California drug dealers.

Doctor Larsen and his son are now facing charges for possessing Oxycodone with intent to distribute, possessing Marijuana with intent to distribute, use of a firearm in connection with a drug trafficking offense, as well as maintaining a drug involved premises.

What Evidence Was Found that Could Convict Doctor Larson?

Doctor Andrew Larsen had been under investigation for suspicious prescription activity for some time. Federal agents claim that between 2012 and 2013, Dr. Larsen prescribed more than 5000 prescriptions for schedule two and three controlled substances. After serving a search warrant at Doctor Larsen’s medical office in November of 2013, Dr. Larson gave agents the keys to his home and the combination number to his personal safe. Federal agents then searched Dr. Larsen’s home and found various prescription medications in vacuum sealed bags, $6,000 in cash, and more than 40 pounds of Marijuana. In addition, three rifles and two handguns were found in Dr. Cameron Larsen’s room.

What Evidence Was Found to Possibly Convict Dr. Larson’s Son?

Very little information is currently available to determine why federal agents believe Cameron Larsen is guilty of federal drug trafficking laws. Cameron Larsen is over the age of 18 and lives with his father. As of now, available information implies that he is simply “guilty by association???. As more information becomes available, the reason for Cameron’s charges should become clearer.

Did The Feds Have the Right to Search Dr. Larsen’s Home?

Although the search warrant was seemingly for Dr. Larsen’s medical practice, sources say that Dr. Larsen then gave the federal agents verbal permission to search his home. In addition, Doctor Larsen also gave them the combination to his personal safe as well as the keys to his home. Had the warrant been solely for his medical practice, if Dr. Larsen refused to allow the Federal Agents to search his home they may have been unable to secure enough evidence to pursue criminal charges against him and his son.

Is This Dr. Larsen’s First Criminal Offense?

Although this is Dr. Larsen’s first alleged criminal offense, the California medical board had taken action against his treatment methods for some time. According to reports, The California Medical Board suspended his medical license last year. The complaint, which resulted in his suspension, was for gross negligence. The complaint accuses Larsen of keeping his patients on a schedule which resulted in high-dose opiate prescriptions without proper supervision or documentation. The complaint alleges that several of Larsen’s patients were known substance abusers that were sometimes prescribed more than 40 times the recommended dosages.

What Penalties Do The Doctor-Son Duo Face?

Federal drug trafficking is a serious crime that results in severe penalties. First-time offender penalties for trafficking of schedule one and schedule two drugs in any amount can result in a maximum of 20 years in federal prison if no serious injuries or deaths occurred, and 20 years to life if serious injury or death did occur. A second offense can result in up to 30 years in prison without injury and no less than a life sentence when serious injury or death occur.

Charges pertaining to firearms in connection with drug trafficking result in consecutive prison sentences. This means that rather than serving the time for drug trafficking and firearm possession in connection with drug trafficking together, the time that must be served for possessing the firearm/s must be served after, resulting in a longer prison sentence.  Criminal charges resulting from maintaining drug-involved premises could result in another maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison.

Are the Larsens Guilty?

It is impossible to determine whether or not the Larsens are guilty of Federal trafficking laws. Currently, the Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General, California Medical Board, California Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse, DEA, and the US Department of Health and Human Services are part of an ongoing investigation to help determine whether or not the Larsens violated Federal drug trafficking laws.

Until both men have pleaded guilty, or have been convicted on all counts by a jury of their peers, it would be premature for anyone to claim that the Larsens are guilty of the crimes for which they have been accused.

Federal Drug Trafficking Legal Defense

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