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Representing individuals and healthcare professionals accused of prescription drug offenses in Southern California

Prescription drugs fall into a category of “controlled substances??? that are legal to use and possess, but only under certain circumstances. California prosecutors charge individuals with crimes when they possess prescription drugs without a prescription, when they sell those drugs, and when they use fraudulent means to obtain the drugs.

Although the unauthorized possession or sale of any prescription drug is illegal in California, prosecutors tend to target the drugs that are most widely abused. Opiate addiction is a serious problem that should be addressed by the healthcare system. Unfortunately, when users of narcotics and other prescription drugs acquire or use the drugs illegally, they become part of the criminal justice system.

Individuals who are accused of selling prescription drugs are often prosecuted unjustly. Some patients sell their own medications because they are impoverished. Other sellers use prescription drug sales to fund their own addictions. Those situations would be better addressed by the healthcare and social services systems than by the criminal justice system, but thousands of unfortunate Southern Californians are prosecuted every year for prescription drug crimes. Even worse, many individuals charged with prescription drug crimes have been falsely accused.

A prescription drug defense lawyer can provide vital protection against prosecutions that can threaten careers, reputations, and freedom. At The Law Offices of Randy Collins, we guide individuals who need help overcoming an addiction to recovery professionals while arguing for criminal justice dispositions that recognize the benefit of treatment rather than punishment. In other cases, we provide an aggressive defense designed to keep damaging evidence from being used against the accused and to create a reasonable doubt about guilt.

Prescription drug prosecutions in California

The most widely abused prescription drugs in California are narcotics. They typically have properties that are similar to those of morphine. OxyContin, the trade name given to a time-release medication that contains oxycodone, is the illicit narcotic that is most often involved in prosecutions. Oxycodone is also the key ingredient in Percodan and Percocet.

Hydromorphone is a synthetic opiate marketed as Dilaudid. While Dilaudid is subject to abuse, OxyContin is more popular because its time-release properties can be defeated (and a greater dose ingested) by chewing the tablets. Dilaudid it is not available in a time-release version and is therefore seen as delivering a weaker “high.??? Hydrocodone, marketed as Vicodin (among other trade names), is also used recreationally, although the drug is less powerful than oxycodone.

The synthetic opiate Methadone is administered to heroin users and other patients who are addicted to narcotics. Methadone is safer than heroin because the dosage is controlled and is released over time. A form of methadone that is used to control pain (primarily in cancer patients) is marketed as Dolophine.

Apart from prescription narcotics, a substantial number of California drug prosecutions are based on the sale or possession of amphetamines and barbiturates. Amphetamines are prescribed to treat a variety of conditions, including narcolepsy, obesity, and hyperactivity disorder. Recreational users take drugs like Adderall, Dexedrine, and Ritalin to get a quick blast of energy.

Defense of all prescription drug crimes in Southern California

The Law Offices of Randy Collins defends clients accused of all prescription drug felonies and misdemeanors in Southern California, including:

  • Sale of a prescription drug
  • Possession of a prescription drug for sale
  • Distribution of a prescription drug without compensation
  • Furnishing a prescription drug to minors
  • Transportation of a prescription drug
  • Unauthorized possession of a prescription drug for personal use

We also represent clients accused of prescription fraud and related crimes. Those offenses include forging prescriptions, buying or stealing prescriptions from legitimate patients, falsifying symptoms in order to obtain a prescription, stealing prescription pads, and doctor shopping.

In addition, we represent medical professionals who are prosecuted for prescription drug crimes and regulatory violations. We believe physicians should have discretion to exercise their professional judgment, but zealous law enforcement officials and regulators too often accuse honest doctors of overprescribing pain medication. This results in unfair prosecutions of medical professionals while discouraging doctors from providing the degree of pain management that they consider beneficial for patients. Other prosecutions for regulatory offenses are based on inadvertent conduct. We aggressively represent doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals who are charged with violations of California’s prescription drug laws.

A high quality defense from a high quality prescription drug defense lawyer

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