Drug Charges Defense in Orange County and Riverside California

If you’ve been arrested for drug charges, you need a skilled lawyer to review your case.

Riverside and Orange County drug offenses are very common, and local police departments are still living in the past. The Reagan-era War on Drugs is long over and it is safe to say drugs have won – the drug epidemic is not going away any time soon.

What has slowly changed is how drugs are viewed in society and even some of the regulations surrounding them. That being said, involvement in illegal drugs is still a criminal activity and when enforced it can become a complex mix of legal jargon and court dates.

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At this point in society, most readers know it is their right to represent themselves; however, this should not be a reason to ignore the value of skilled legal assistance. Drug addiction by its very nature involves criminal activity, but those who find themselves in this situation should know there often exists the potential for help.

California is home to some of the most respected drug charge lawyers that are ready to offer guidance and defense to those being charged with a drug-related crime.

It is true that criminal activity is inherent in taking illicit drugs – consumption and possession can be crimes. The system has room to allow for rehabilitation and a certain amount of leniency when addicts are looking for a medical way out of their cycle because they were “woken up” when their habit got the best of them and the law intervened.

It is in circumstances like these that a law firm that has experience defending those facing charges for drugs can offer tremendous help.

Extensive Experience with misdemeanor and felony drug charges

Attorney Randy Collins has highly specialized experience when it comes to charges for drugs; his work with the narcotics task force has given him an up-close look at how police and prosecutors work on these cases, and he uses this information to each of his clients’ advantage

Attorney Collins was also formerly the District Attorney for the County of Riverside, giving him unparalleled access to the prosecutor’s office and unrivaled knowledge of the prosecution’s mindset, goals, as well as weaknesses.

Attorney Collins worked as a prosecutor with full knowledge that he would eventually become a defense lawyer. He has since defended countless individuals faced with possession, salestrafficking, and manufacturing.

The justice system has many holes that countless individuals accused of drug offenses have fallen into. Even if you are innocent, you could be found guilty of your offense if you do not have a skilled narcotic defense attorney by your side.

Riverside Drug charge case evaluation

These are just a few reasons why the option for an attorney should be embraced and seen as a positive. If you cannot afford an attorney the State will supply an attorney at no fee, but do you really want to place your future in the hands of a public defender with limited resources to defend your case.

Why your Drug Charge Requires a lawyer

An experienced professional in the area of California drug law cannot be underestimated. The better the track record and more extensive the experience, generally the more expensive an attorney will cost. This fee is inconsequential to the fact that it could be the difference between serving time in prison and being free.

A proven track record means that this attorney is known by the prosecutors and judges for successfully arguing cases and being well versed in the intricacies of a drug abuse charge.

It is common for prosecutors to be more likely to drop charges, offer better deals, or simply roll over when they know they are facing a drug lawyer with a very high success rate. Prosecutors do not like to lose.

A great drug charge attorney in Riverside and Orange County is a master at courtroom policies so that he can provide the best defense possible. This is a benefit when dealing with evidence and other complex policies of the case – your attorney is your aggressive advocate every step of the way.

Depending on the level of publicity your case might receive, a proven attorney typically has the relationships with members of the media and understands how to balance your image outside the courtroom.

The world of drug crime and lawyers has always been intermixed because the battle continues until today. The truth is that many cases that are handled more lenient today had a much tougher result years ago – drug laws and perception are changing.

That being said, an attorney must be a part of that process to ensure the client gets the most beneficial results – to end matters quickly or to see a case through trial to a positive verdict.

The best place to start is by contacting an experienced California drug lawyer to discuss your case and get the professional input necessary to make an educated decision.

Orange County Drug charge case evaluation

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Thank You – From Jackie

I utilized Mr. Collins services to fight a drug case, which could have ended my career. Mr. Collins was not only very knowledgeable regarding my rights, but also handled my case with the most professionalism that I have yet to experience. His staff was also very friendly and efficient when having any doubts or concerns. At the end my drug case was dropped, I was able to continue my career.

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